Our fundraising efforts continued until the days immediately before our departure.

A selection of photos taken while fundraising can be found HERE

Special mention, however, must go to Steph Lawless who - on celebrating her 18th birthday - selflessly asked for cash donations to the project in lieu of presents for herself. This was a superb gesture and one for which we make no apologies in publicising. Thanks Steph!

Some of our most successful endeavours included the infamous Not So Live Aid 4 concert, a lower school disco and Valentine prom, a tuck shop and a raffle held at the Year 6 Open Evening. Mentioning just a few, other events included a sponsored walk, raffles, a sponsored silence, cream teas, fairy fancy dress, wrist bands and a sponsored abseil, No matter how large or small the fundraiser, the income generated brought us that much closer to our goal.

The table below shows the fundraising progress of the students travelling on the expedition.

Date Funds Raised Amount to Target
July 05 £ 2,256.27 £12,743.73
October 05 £ 3,638.71 £11,361.29
November 05 £ 5,381.60 £9,618.40
December 05 £ 7,000.00 £8,000.00
January 06 £ 8,430.03 £6,569.97
February 06 £ 9,715.00 £5,285.00
June 06 £14,727.10 £272.90





HOWEVER further contributions from the School Foundation, the School Charity Account and the School itself has raised the total to an amazing:-