This section details messages received during the expedition.

Tuesday 11th July 2006

Our last look at the school for a whole month. Next stop Heathrow. We're off!

Email home from Jessica Wilding

"Well I'm here at Heathrow and we've got loads of free time so I thought I'd drop you all a line. Well ummm not really all that much to report... ate Burger King (prob not that interesting)... plane watched a bit... getting some weird looks due to the bright orange shirts... lots of Japanese tourists... they seem confused! Those in China email me and let me know what you're up to from time to time."
Jess xxx

Wednesday 12th July 2006 ~ Three Text messages from Mr. Teece which read:-

08.33 GMT - "Arrived safely at Jo'burg Airport... even though one student (who shall remain nameless) lost their ticket at Heathrow and ran back to find it on the floor in Boots (the chemists)! All in good spirits"

12.41 GMT - "Arrived safely at Windhoek. Met with Oriel and Alan, now loading land rovers and off. Three bags didn't make it to Namibia but have been located in Jo'burg and will now arrive on the 14.30 flight. They will be sent on to join us tonight. The adventure has started!"

19.11 GMT - "Got to Waterberg at 6 pm and put up tents in the dark. The missing bags have just been delivered. All are now having a shower or cooking dinner. Amazing stars!"

Note from Webmaster: Terrific to get THREE messages today. The difficulty with communications means that it's unlikely that this will be repeated. Rest assured as and when I hear I will post the same day.

Thursday 13th July 2006 ~ Text message from Mr. Teece which reads:-

13.45 GMT - "First African sunrise... WICKED!! We've been on a walk/climb to the ridge. Superb views. Now off to Wilderness Camp to track rhino for 3 days. Will text again after that".

Sunday 16th July 2006 ~ Text message from Mr. Teece which reads:-

14.06 GMT - "Back safe... superb time. We've seen lots of wild animals. Some of us were able to track a white rhino and her calf and got within 30 metres. We all saw monkeys, giraffe etc. WOW!".

Email from Mariyam Khan - 15.17hrs

Hi. Been staying on the plateau for the last 3 days. Been completly one with nature, if you know what I mean! But it's been real fun. Moving on to Etosha now.
With Love x

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