Thursday 27th July 2006 ~ Text from Julian Teece:-

11.50 (GMT) - Visited our new school and village. Met with the elders and children. They sung us a special song and the women danced for us.

Some students cried with emotion... a special day.

Friday 28th July 2006 ~ Email from Julian Teece:-

17.14 (GMT) - Day one of the project. We all got up early and the school team set off with Mr W and Mrs McC and started on priming the inside walls. Mrs McC and Georgina spent the day removing the excess putty from all the windows, whilst the rest of the teams brushed down the concrete walls and started priming. During the day lots of local children appeared and during breaks students were able to play together.

Mr Teece's construction team spent the day at the farm, building prototype school furniture - a bench and a table using the wood bought yesterday from Livingstone. Progress was not helped by a power cut in the area which resulted in a lot of timber being cut by hand! This gave the bench in particular a "rustic" finish. Power was returned, but is not guaranteed. The furniture will be tested tomorrow and then full scale production of 35 benches and 35 tables will begin!

We will have an interesting weekend. As well as working, we are playing two football matches with the locals. We have arranged for the teams to be mixed between us and the locals with rolling subs. The pitch will have to be cleared of elephant dung first! Everyone is working very hard.


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Phone call with David and Bridget Brennan

20.00 (GMT) - Spoke to Louise tonight. She is fine, although she got very tired today because they were painting the school house. She said it is very hard work. She had just eaten a big chocolate bar to replenish her energy levels, sitting at the campfire. She says the farm where they are staying is great. She is loving it, but missing everyone. She very much appreciated the email messages that she managed to read from everyone, although she is disappointed that she isn't up to speed with all the latest gossip going on back here!

Telephone call to Dale Darbyshire at Liyoyelo Farm

We spoke to Dale at Liyoyelo farm, he said he is having a fantastic time the children from the village greeted them with a song it was very emotional. Dale has enjoyed the whole trip so far and said it is truly an amazing experience. Dale has been taking so many pictures and has finished the 12 rolls he initially took with him.

Having the time of his life.

Lorraine, Peter, & Rea Darbyshire

Saturday 29th July 2006 ~ Email from Julian Teece:-

Another productive day.

After a freezing cold night we started work at 9am. The paint team completed a second interior coat of paint of all four rooms and the furniture team completed 2 tables and 5 benches. We returned at 2pm to prepare for our first footy match of the weekend. Here follows a Match Report by Emily Taylor:

In the midst of decorating the school, an afternoon that inspired much excitement arrived today... the big match Bushmad (the local African team sponsored by Africa Nomad travel) vs. Coopers! Of course, having never played in African conditions, it was always going to be tough and 2 minutes in, Whommers announced "Is anyone else hot?!" Then, shortly after a 20m sprint, he substituted himself off. However, despite many spectacular tumbles, Alan (Africa Nomad travel) impressed everyone with his football skills and was easily the most determined player on the pitch today. In the 45 minutes of the first half and the following 20 minutes, the heat was intense; Fraser Buck got involved by running on with water for Skillett, and Dale, Mike and Dan Crudgington all came off with painful blisters, though still without letting them affect play!

And as for the Africans, they were daunting with their crowd of about 50 supporters and their ease at running around on the thorny floor without shoes. With their serious attitude to the game, play quickly became very dirty with fouls on both sides (Teece...) including Dave S getting head butted. Though as Whommers pointed out, it was very sporting of Teece to play on his back. Despite our lack of goals and the ultimate score of 3-nil, our team certainly weren't completely lost, and indeed goal saves to mention are Mark Hopkins and Dave Farrant. Dave and Danny were also seen to be storming round the pitch constantly in an effort to gain the ball. When James Edgar took a turn at steaming down the pitch, it resulted in a spectacular miss in his one on one with the African goalie. And the team got very serious despite their claims of "it's just a game", for Whommers was heard to cry "Tits get to the ball!!" - James just wasn't moving fast enough apparently.

With so many of the Coopers lot eager to play, there were many subs, which included Emma Honey appearing on the pitch, and while she shied away from the first ball, her determination didn't falter, and she even got a compliment from an African player on her skill. Another substitute was Andy Johnson and Liz W. For the first half Andy got very involved in the game, screaming at his team mates and wrapping himself around the ball in his goalie position. When Liz took his place for the second half, the opposition laughed and remarked "I can't believe you put a lady in goal," but two incredible saves and fantastic victory dances later, and Liz had certainly put her cries of "Help!" behind her.

Even though we didn't get to walk away victors, we had to be given credit for team spirit and enthusiasm, they even thought we were a proper football team! The general atmosphere appears to be great satisfaction at the outcome and tomorrow's match can only get better...

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