Sunday 23rd July 2006 ~ Text from Julian Teece:-

16.35 (GMT) - All back safe from the Delta. From the mokorrows saw 15 hippos thirty metres away. Amazing!

17.00 (GMT) - Phone call from Julian Teece
(with Andy Whomsley chipping in occasionally from the background)

They have just had two amazing days. Yesterday they were taken to deeper water in the mokorrows where they saw a herd of hippo chilling out. However, it became apparent by the nashing of teeth and the agitated opening of their mouths they weren't too happy about the presence of our young explorers... who quickly reversed into the reeds and away!! They also spied 4 crocodile.

The guides have been absolutely brilliant. They set up camp ready for everyone, lit a camp fire and erected the tents in the shade. Our expeditioners have been on a couple of early morning game walks starting at 7 am. The guides proved particularly knowledgeable about the local environment, taking time to tell everyone about the trees they were passing and how different plants are used i.e. which roots can be used for medicine, which twigs make the best toothpick etc. Apparently they also walked through a field of sage, the scent of which was indescribable.

The wildlife has been slightly different to that seen in Etosha, in that they have seen smaller mammals and a lot of wild birds i.e. fish eagles, egret and marabou stork. It was described as a new experience for all.

Last night they enjoyed spaghetti bolognese cooked over an open fire. Later they were treated to a cacophony of sounds courtesy of frogs, crickets and hippos basking nearby. Some found this to be quite unnerving and were the object of some teasing by those who were less frightened. I understand the guides took their revenge by creeping up to the tent of the two boys (the aforementioned teasers) and furiously shook a bush against the tent. Pay back time!!

Tomorrow they are up early hoping to be on their way by 5.45 am for the long drive to Chobe River. From here on it is unlikely they will need to spend so much time in the landrovers travelling.

17.37 (GMT) - Phone call from Andy Whomsley (chuckling)

Forgot to mention that on lifting his mattress this morning Julian found to his horror he had been sleeping on a mouse... a big fat mouse... sadly, now a squashed, deceased mouse!!

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Monday 24th July 2006 ~ Text from Julian Teece:-

16.21 (GMT) - Arrived safely at Chobe after six hour drive. Survived most kamikaze animals although a hornbill hit the front of one of the landrovers. So far four birds killed en route. (Oh dear!)

Tuesday 25th July 2006 ~ Phone call from Julian Teece:-

08.45 (GMT) - The camp site is lovely with good facilities, especially the shower block which is quite luxurious compared to some. They are camped on the river edge overlooking the river, from where you can hear hippos grunting in the distance.

One "novelty" is the need to walk round in groups. Apparently there are a number of very lairy monkeys who think nothing of diving out of the trees and taking anything left lying around camp.

They have already been on an early morning game drive organised by the camp site. Relieving staff of the need to drive, it provided the welcomed opportunity to sit and enjoy the views without having to keep an eye on the road ahead. They saw, amongst other things, lion, crocodile and vultures.

They leave at 3 pm for a sundowner river cruise which everyone is looking forward to, along with the proposed lie in tomorrow morning. For once they don't need an early start!

Wednesday 26th July 2006 ~ Text from Julian Teece:-

08.05 (GMT) - Outstanding end to safari. Morning game drive very good. Evening boat cruise amazing... a herd of 65 elephant, a pod of 25 sleeping hippo, fish eagles! Excellent buffet onboard. WOW!

Phone Call home to Kevin and Gill James

Laura phoned home at 7.20am this morning (26th) to wish her mum Gill a Happy Birthday (mum's tears were flowing), she said that they had to eat breakfast whilst holding a stick in one hand to stop the Monkeys stealing their food.

Laura also said the trip was amazing and the sights were unbelievable, everyone was in good spirits.

Text message from Julian Teece

17.57 (GMT) - Arrived safely in Livingstone at 3 pm, despite taking 90 minutes scrummaging for diesel at Chobe. Set up camp and all excited about visiting our school tomorrow.

Email home from Louise Brennan

Hey ppl
Thank you for your kind emails, all really nice... and for those who haven't sent them I hope you feel rele guilty. I'm having an amazing time. Time on the internet is seriously limited tho. The computer just crashed coz someone pulled out the plug! It's quite humbling the standards of even the capital. We're in Zambia atm, on a farm which is really taste.

Pass greetings on to everyone, literally wrote the addresses i cud think of off top of my head.

love to all

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