Sunday 30th July 2006 ~ Email from Julian Teece:-

We have had quite a few, but this was another special day. The furniture team made another 3 tables, four benches and varnished them, but ran out of materials so we will have to go to the wood market tomorrow.

The painting team finished painting the base coat of the inside of the school and started pencilling in the designs. The putty team finished tidying up the old putty and started glazing the remaining windows. There was also a stone team that went out with the local children and cleared the surrounding area of stones and laid out pathways, driveways, gardens and playground. When Mr Teece arrived with the furniture team for the sports afternoon he promptly drove over his parking space even though it was 3m wide!

We all headed over to our village to play an 8 a side match against the children only to find we were playing against the village 11 a side team! Mr Teece, Whomsley and Alan were brought out of retirement and the surrounding villagers came to watch so there was 300+ people around a dust pitch. There was a tremendous atmosphere with singing and dancing on the touchline. It was very hot and due to the lumps, bumps and elephant dung on the pitch Coopers' decided to defend deep and hit it long. We took an early lead when Tom Simmonds latched onto a through ball and scored! The game continued in good spirits with various interruptions: for a truck to drive across the pitch, the ball to be repaired with a large plaster from the first aid box and then the ball burst so they had to cycle to the next village to get another ball. The local team scored just before half time and the pitch was invaded by hundreds of people. As we came off the pitch one of their players commented on Liz W in goal saying that he did not know that women players could be that good and that "she had played like a man"!

The second half was end to end with our plan of rolling subs working a treat. There were plenty of chances for both sides but the game went on for what seemed like an eternity until fatigue set in and they scored in the dying seconds. There was another mass invasion, a huge mixed team photo and we gave them our footy tops. They were very pleased as they can wear them when they play their next match versus the local village. There were many good performances but James Titterton, James Edgar and Mark Hopkins made notable football debuts.

The football was then used for an unexpected netball match and it was quite a sight with the same 300 spectators crowded around the court. The game was fast and furious with local rules being played and a more physical approach taken. Fraser Buck was outstanding as "goal keeper" using his height to advantage. They were a well drilled team and attacked with pace and precision using a low level approach, again the court being invaded whenever they scored. They were very generous and repeated the court invasion whenever Coopers scored, with Danielle W and Kirsty D being prominent in attack.

The match took a similar pattern to the footy match with Coopers' tiring in the heat and the local team ending victorious. A particular highlight for me was watching a restart after they scored and Annina W was exhausted, but her player was still full of energy, jigging around. An elderly lady in the crowd felt sorry for her and came onto the court and helped Annina to raise her arms above her head! We had another group team photo.

During the afternoon many people came up to me and the rest of the students and thanked us for everything that we have done for the school and the village, very humbling.

As we left the villagers sung to us as we drove off into the bush.

It does not get much better.


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Tuesday 1st August 2006 ~ Text from Julian Teece:-

06.48 (GMT) - Yesterday was a hard day, working from 9 to 4 with only a 30 minute break. Still lots of painting and building done. Tonight we are eating out, so no phone calls today please. Off to town to buy wood for the third time!

Wednesday 2nd August 2006 ~ Text from Julian Teece:-

07.28 (GMT) - We are having a few technical email problems this end. Hard working days 8 am to 5 pm as the school handover is on Friday at 10am!! Our meal last night was very good i.e. 500 gram steaks.

Thursday 3rd August 2006 ~ Text from Julian Teece:-

20.20 (GMT) - Another hard working day. Everyone at the school between 9 am and 6 pm. We have it 90% finished. Classroom painting superb and 35 tables and benches made. Kids a credit!

Telephone call to Emma Honey at Liyoyelo Farm

Spoke to Emma on Thursday, Mr Teece had to call her away from the camp fire. Said she was having a good time and was eating a variety of food she wouldn’t usually eat at home! Said she had also lost a few things - and I now know who lost their ticket at the airport and found it on the floor of Boots the Chemist (no names mentioned!) Ringing the farm was easy and reception was very clear.

Sharon Roger and Alice Honey

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