Wednesday 19th July 2006 ~ Phone call from Julian Teece:-

18.15 (GMT) - Julian rang to say they had had their best day yet. Up early (5 am) by 6.30 am all tents had been dismantled, they were washed, breakfasted and ready for the first game drive of the day. Julian made a point of saying that the behaviour of everyone has been absolutely outstanding and they have got packing down to a fine art... very much akin to that of a Formula One pit stop team! Everyone has adjusted to their individual roles and responsibilities very maturely.

Their first port of call today was by a waterhole where they watched 3 lions lying quietly observing a number of zebra which were stood nearby. It would appear these lions had been involved in a kill the day before and therefore weren't hungry. Apparently you could still see the blood around their mouths!!

Next as they were driving along another 3 lions came into view. They took a diversion down a small track and parked and were then treated to the sight of them walking across the road - literally right in front of their bonnets - just 5 ft from where they were sat in the landrovers. Amongst them was a young male with a beautiful mane who regally trotted past.

They then continued on to Namutoni Camp where this afternoon they watched a herd of about a dozen elephants demolish a small group of trees. There was a bull elephant who was estimated to be about 60 years old (standing approximately 16ft in height). There were a number of female and young elephants and they got to within 30 feet of them.

They are now back at camp and about to go for their first "eat as much as you can" buffet, which they are all looking forward to.

Tomorrow they head for Popa Falls in Botswana. They plan to stop at Grootfontein en route. Before the money ran out, Julian just managed to say "Top Class".

I think they are having a good time, don't you?

Laura (Webmaster)

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Phone call home to Jackie Withnall

Liz rang tonight and they are having a fantastic time. Food is very good and tonight they are going to an eat as much as you like buffet. Liz repeated several times that she didn't want to come home - so that probably says it all!! They are enjoying the luxury of their present site.

Thursday 20th July 2006 ~ Email from Jessica Wilding:-

Having an absolutely fantastic time here in Africa. I really had forgotten how much I love this place. Namibia is very different to Kenya but still incredibly beautiful! Oh my, seeing Rhino so close up was so amazing, I couldn't believe how near we managed to get as well!!!

Have spent the last two evenings lounging by the pool! Lovely! Though I am still to get any colour on me really. Typical!

I've seen the elephants I wanted to see as well now so that was rather cool. Anyhow, what else to tell you about? Uummm well as I may have mentioned Etosha is absolutely lovely - yummmmmm hot showers! Yes please! Makes a nice change from the freezing cold one I had on the Plateau.

Speaking of plateau, riding on the back of the backy is the coolest thing! Though riding in the back of Teece and Whomsley's landrovers on the dirt tracks up there was a close second! Though still nothing beta the rhino.

Friday 21st July 2006 ~ Text from Julian Teece:-

06.53 (GMT) - Leaving Popa Falls. Long drive yesterday. 8 hours avoiding dogs, goats and herds of cows crossing the road. Woke up to the sound of hippo!!

Text from Julian Teece:-

15.16 (GMT) - Arrived safely in Maun... avoiding suicidal cows!! Settling into camp, washing clothes and using the swimming pool. Off to Delta tomorrow in the morning. All excited.

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