Monday 17th July 2006 ~ Phone call home to Alison Farrant:-

I had a call at 11.50am from my son (David). They had just reached Etosha National Park and were about to have lunch (most important). Said he was having a fantastic time, had seen lots of wild animals, including the rhino and her calf Mr Teece mentioned and luckily so far no blisters even though they been doing quite a bit of walking.

Email from David Farrant - 13.39hrs

Hey all,

Just got into our second national park which is like heaven compared to the last one up on Waterburg plateau. On the plateau there was one open topped toilet with no door or seat so squatting was necessary as well as having only one freezing cold shower, also with no door! I've already seen a rhino and its baby from 30m away in the wild which apparently is very rare. I've seen giraffes from about 5m away and tons of zebra and antelope. We climbed up to the top of a 400m plateau on the first day. Later we're going to a water hole where apparently we're likely to see elephants and rhino. Today's highlight was Mr Whomsley stopping his landrover on the side of the road so he could ***** ***** ***** - beating yesterday when our landrover annoyed everybody with chorus' of "Going loco down in Acappulco" and "It's raining men".


Extract from email home from Mike Brown

Hey everyone!! :-) In an internet cafe at Etosha - how are you all? It's so good here it's unbelievable! Wrote you a postcard and will send soon. Gonna go to the waterhole here to see the animals, just drove by elephants that are making their way there now. Seen loads of animals - Etosha has wall to wall animals it's great. Been swimming and everything, if you get the chance, definitely go to Etosha! Well sunny here but not uncomfortably hot it's wicked weather. If any of you see this before anyone else can you let the others know I emailed?? Thanks :-P I cant see anything I type except the line above so sorry if this comes out confusingly wrong - it's hard to type when you can't see! Anyway, I might contact you soon but I might not be able to, enjoy whatever you do and I’ll see you all soon!


Phone call home to Kevin & Gill James - 17.25hrs

Received a phone call from our daughter Laura to say everything everything was going well, and what an amazing time they were having, they had just been to the watering hole to see the Elephants, and enjoying their one night of luxury (swimming pool).

Phone call home to Steve & Cheryl Shaw

Jade phoned on Monday evening. Having a great time. Swimming at Etosha and game watching at floodlit watering hole. Got excellent photo of mother rhino's backside then memory card was full and missed the shot when she turned round and stared from 30 metres away, Doh! Getting sick of the sight of giraffe and zebra, apparently they're everywhere. Will try and phone again Tuesday evening.

Extracts of phone call received / email sent from Georgina Clark.

She is having an absolutely fantastic time. She loved the Wilderness camp and is now enjoying the luxury of 3 swimming pools and warm showers. In Etosha; in every direction she looks she can see wildlife; fantastic. She has seen Black Rhino, Zebra, Antelope, Buffalo and has been face to face with two Giraffes.

“The Trip so far has been amazing AND I AM ENJOYING EVERY MINUTE. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.” Love George

Phone call home to Rob Titterton

James rang Monday evening having a fab time weather not to hot, food good, great wild life - all going well.

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Tuesday 18th July 2006 ~ Phone call home to Emma Whipp:-

I had a call from Annina this afternoon, she was in very high spirits. Loving every minute of it so far. She said 'They had all seen loads of wild animals, the food was great and the weather was fabulous'. The camp site where she phoned me from had a pool and they were basking in the sunshine until dinner. The only negative thing she had to say were the cold nights, but then she did expect that.

Extract from email home from Elizabeth Withnall

I have seen lots of animals....elephants, rhino, giraffes and zebra. I have been swimming and sunbathing today. Get up most days at 6.00pm! Been on a game drive today. Am having the best time. Done loads of walking and have never enjoyed physical activity so much!

Phone call home to David and Bridget Brennan

Louise rang at 18.00 GMT on the 18th July, from Etosha. She said the only bad thing about the trip so far was the journey out, which was quite cramped and they kept serving her vegetable curries on both flights! Everyone is in very good spirits and getting on well. She has seen loads of wild animals including rhino, elephants and giraffes, The giraffes are her favourite animal so far. She also said that it was cold at night, but she is well equipped for that and with four people in the tent they keep each other warm. She admitted the tent they are in was very messy mainly because of her stuff! Sitting around the campfire at night has been great fun. She is enjoying it all hugely and sends her love to everyone back home.

Email Home from Emma Honey

Hello everyone! This is the first time I've been able to get to a computer. It's been awesome though! It's winter out here so tis quite cold during the night, and it gets dark at 5.30pm! At the moment we're in Etosha national park and soon we're going out on a game drive, where we will hopefully see some lions! So far I've seen loads of giraffe, a white rhino (which we got to within 20 meters of), buffalo, wilderbeast, illand, springbok, zebra. So lots so far already. It's so much fun out here, although I do miss home a bit, but camping isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Better go now, internet time running out
lots of love, missing you all Emma xxxxx

Misc ~ Phone calls home from Danielle Wheeler:-

Had two calls from Danielle on Monday and Tuesday this week. She sounded really excited and full of the trip. She did mention the toilet facilities whilst camping on the Waterburg Plateau, but was relieved to have a shower and toilet with a door and roof at Etosha!! She mentioned all the animals they have seen and how lovely Etosha is.

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